The £5 BILLION Homebuyer Secrets Guide

If you’re buying property in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, it’s likely this will include the most expensive mistake that you will never even realise you have made. With over 50 years experience of buying and professionally inspecting properties, the authors can help you immediately, with the revealing and dynamic content of this book, to ensure you make your move the right move.

Our Founder and Managing Director Zoe Baker and Technical Director Garrett O’Hanlon are on a mission to save the homebuying public around £5 BILLION every year in the residential homebuying sector of the property market. They are experts in identifying the right way to buy property and with this book aim to help everybody stop buying property the wrong way which is what happens to many people now and has done for many years.

This book contains incredible tips, hints, secrets and guidance not available anywhere else. Through they typically help their clients achieve individual savings of anywhere between £5000 and £50,000 and in some cases more when buying their new home. With the guidance in this book, they are hoping to offer these kinds of savings to everyone across the country.

The £5 BILLION Homebuyer Secrets Guide aims to simplify and demystify the whole homebuying process in a way that has never been done before and put the purchasing power and financial benefits firmly back in the hands of the buyers of the property.

Under headings such as “Secrets and Lies”, “Serious Health Risks”, “7 Things to Never do”, and “The Worst Advice in the World” and many others, this book unlocks the secrets of the right way to buy property and how to significantly improve your financial health and wealth along the way.

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